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HELIX Digital Twins make buildings better...more profitable, more shareable and more agile.

HELIX was the first company spun out of Google’s X labs. Since 2018, we deliver Digital Twins, accurate 3D models that can be used without special equipment or software on mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

HELIX is the trusted provider of Digital Twins to the most technically advanced real estate owners and tenants in the world to help make their buildings better.

Meet Our Team

HELIX is an international team with backgrounds in architecture, engineering and software development.

James Roche

Jamie Roche

Jamie Roche is the CEO of HELIX. Jamie holds an architecture degree from Yale University, began his career as a member of an airport planning team at KPMG and was a member of the first “class” of designers using CAD to transform architecture. Jamie has built a career helping industries create powerful Internet-based technology solutions that allow regular people to do extraordinary things.

Chris Andrasick

Chris Andrasick

Chris Andrasick is the CTO of HELIX. He holds an aerospace engineering degree from The University of Colorado, began his career as a software engineer specializing in the emerging internet, and has run technical teams and companies for two decades. Most of his career has been spent as a C-suite executive, building companies and solving problems at the intersection of business and technology.

Anthony Buckley-Thorp

Anthony Buckley-Thorp

Anthony Buckley-Thorp is HELIX’s General Manager of Solution Development and a director of HELIX Singapore. Anthony holds a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from Imperial College London and spent a decade designing skyscrapers with Arup in London and Shanghai. Anthony fuses deep structural engineering experience with 3D, cloud and machine learning technologies to mastermind the HELIX platform.

Nicolas Chaulet

Nicolas Chaulet

Nicolas Chaulet leads HELIX’s applied R&D efforts in machine learning and computer vision. Nicolas holds an Applied Mathematics PhD from Ecole Polytechnique in France and has applied his scientific modelling skills to medical diagnostics and crowd behavior prediction. At HELIX, Nicolas dedicates his passion and energy to automating the digitization of buildings at scale using computer vision and deep learning technology.


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