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Introduction to the HELIX Viewer

HELIX Viewer Overview

HELIX Globe Page

When you login to HELIX you will see a globe marked with the location of your HELIX Twin or Twins. You can rotate the globe, zoom in, and zoom out using controls in the lower left corner of the screen and search for a HELIX Twin from this page. If you prefer a satellite view click on the button toward the bottom of the page to the right of center. Hovering over the globe marker will show the address of the twin or twins at that location. Clicking on the marker berings up additional information in the right panel.

A vertical panel on the right of the screen contains summary information about your HELIX Twins. If you click on "View Twin" you will go to the specific Twin home page.

HELIX Main Page

HELIX Twin Page

The Twin Home page has two columns: the Asset column on the left and the Viewer on the right. By default a floor plan (the minimap)is displayed on the left with circles indicating scene (360 photo) locations, and the view from the "initial scene" appears in the Viewer. The initial scene and initial view can be set in the HELIX Editor.

The HELIX Twin can be navigated visually in the Viewer panel. Arrows will appear at the bottom of the screen when you are looking at a linked scene. This mode operates similarly to Google Street View. You can always go directly to a scene by selecting a circle "scene indicator" on the plan in the Asset view panel. If you would like to take a "snapshot" of the Viewer at any time click on the camera icon in the lower right corner.

HELIX Twin Page

There are three tabs in the Asset panel: Map, Photos and Models. Switching from "Map" to "Photo" view allows you to find a scene visually. Clicking on any photo takes you to that scene in the Viewer panel.

When the "Models" tab is selected in the Asset viewer you will see any Videos, PDFs, CAD drawings or BIM models that have been added to the HELIX twin. The HELIX Twin Editor can choose to make Models downloadable as well as viewable. If you are trying to download a model and the "download" option is not clickable please contact your HELIX Administrator.

Many HELIX Twins contain more than one level. The Map, Photos and many of the models that appear in the Asset view are specific to the selected Level. You can always see scenes and the Map for a different level by selecting the Level from the drop down at the top of the Asset panel.

Inviting Others to View Your HELIX Twin

A HELIX Twin has three levels of access: Editor, Admin and Viewer. Editors and Admins have authorization to invite others to view a HELIX Twin.

At the top of the HELIX Twin Page, to the right of the HELIX Logo there is a small image with a plus sign and a torso. If you click on this (Invitation) icon you can allow others to view your HELIX Twin. If you do not see the Invitation icon you may not have permission to add others. Please contact your HELIX Administrator to request a change in your access privileges if you would like to be able to add others.

When you click on the Invitation icon you have two options: Add users by specific email address or by domain. Users with Admin privileges can invite others individually. Editors can allow anyone with a specific email domain e.g., to have access to HELIX.

Invite Screen

For additional instructions please take a look at our Introduction to HELIX video.

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