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  • Having accurate building plans that are easy to use and easy to share makes all buildings safer, more efficient and more agile. HELIX Twins are invaluable when doing remodeling, due diligence, progress monitoring, showcasing spaces and getting bids from contracts and service providers. Building owners, investors, commercial real estate brokers, large-scale tenants and governments appreciate the many benefits of having HELIX Twins. Let's talk to learn how we can help you make your buildings better.
  • We deliver all components of HELIX Twins including 3D Revit and SketchUp models, 2D AutoCAD plans, PDFs and 360° photo tours in about 4 business days. That's from the time our Reality Capture Team enters the building to receiving your link to comprehensive building information that can be accessed and shared without special software or training. Yep, we're fast.
  • HELIX Twins cost less and are delivered faster than traditional building plans. HELIX Twins often pay for themselves with the minimization of site visits, avoidance of mistakes from flawed measurement and improved communications across all parties involved. Rates are typically based on building square footage. Give us a shout to find out more about getting HELIX Twins of your buildings.
  • CRE brokers know time kills deals. They know the importance of getting accurate building plans fast can make or break a deal. CRE brokers also know that prospective tenants appreciate the ability to share rich and comprehensive information with internal stakeholders, many of whom don't have the software or training to retrieve and understand 3D models like Revit and SketchUp. They know that big potential tenants need to explore optionality of space to see if it can accommodate their needs. The ability to provide better information about the costs of altering space fast is a tremendous source of competitive advantage. That's why brokers are some of HELIXRE's biggest fans. Let's connect to talk about how we can help you do more deals faster.
  • Building owners know the challenges of staying up-to-date on the true condition of their buildings. They know the mad scramble when building plans are needed but are out-of-date or simply unavailable. Portfolio building owners appreciate the benefits of a central repository where most current versions of building plans are readily available and easily sharable. They know how better information makes their buildings more valuable. If you are a building owner, let's talk about how we can help you too.
  • Getting accurate plans quickly and cost efficiently is imperative to architects. Traditional methods of getting building plans take too long and do not provide a central portal where most current plans are easily accessible on mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The ability to house and share most accurate versions of those plans means better communication, fewer mistakes, reduced site visits and ability to explore optionality of spaces quickly and easily. Those are just a few of many reasons architects love HELIX RE. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more.
  • HELIX Twins are invaluable during the construction process. Better plans are delivered fast in a format that ensures everyone is working off the most current version and are easily shared to all team members and accessed on site without special software and training. That makes communication about potential issues more rich and frequent. Mistakes are avoided, as are unnecessary site visits. Milestones can be monitored for progress payments and quality of delivery can be confirmed before mistakes are covered up with concrete or drywall. The best players in construction recognize the tremendous value of using HELIX Twins. Let's talk about how they can help you too.
  • Nothing is more important than the safety of our children. First responders, school administrators and parents should be able to access relevant information about the buildings where children learn and play. Using a HELIX Twin, entrances, exits, stairwell, windows and basements can be identified on a mobile device in advance of arrival to expedite ensuring the safety of the building's occupants. If you agree that this is important, let's talk about how to make it happen together…fast.