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Accurate 3D digital models to CAD, PDF, and BIM faster and for less than traditional floor plans.

HELIX uses advanced machine learning software to make it a quick and easy process.

HELIX scans large commercial buildings within days with minimal disruption to building occupants. The team uses hand-held Simultaneous Location And Mapping (SLAM) scanners, tripod-mounted “terrestrial” scanners, and 360 degree digital cameras to quickly and accurately document space. A typical office building floor can be scanned in a couple of hours before the workday begins, in the evening or on the weekend.

Once the building is scanned, the “raw” data is entered into the cloud for processing. Images are corrected, the photographer is digitally removed, and multiple laser scans (point clouds) are aligned and combined. We use advanced machine learning software to make this a quick and easy process, despite combined data sets that may exceed 1 terrabyte.

2D floor plans are generated from the laser scans and used to quickly produce a sharable 360 degree photo tour.

Registered pointclouds are cleaned and classified using proprietary software and converted to a variety of 2D and 3D formats including Revit, AutoCAD, Sketchup and PDF.

The models and photos are always available with no additional software, through the HELIX interface.

The process from entering the building to delivering finished 3D BIM models takes only a few days and is less expensive that getting traditional floor plans.