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We create Digital Twins fast and inexpensively to make buildings better.

HELIX Digital Twins are a better, faster, cost-efficient way to get building plans. The HELIX Digital Twin is an accurate 3D digital model to CAD, PDF, and BIM that can be shared broadly without special training or software and accessed on standard mobile phones, tablets and laptops. HELIX Digital Twins are created in days using laser scanning (LIDAR), photogrammetry, computer vision, AI, and massive cloud computing power.

What We Do

We offer fast, accurate, easy-to-use digital building models that replace the need for traditional floor plans or limited virtual tours.

A member of the HELIX reality capture team

Rapid reality capture

Our team can scan and photograph up to 100,000 square feet of floor in a day. A high-resolution photo “walk through” that allows you to “visit” the building digitally is delivered the same day.

Photographic “walk-throughs” are used to market space, discuss design and layout options or communicate with service providers without having to travel to the building.

Point cloud semantic segmentation

Conversion to floorplans

Once a building is photographed and scanned, the data are archived to preserve a record of the building condition.

Data captured by scanning and photography are merged and converted into a three dimensional Digital Twin.

Point cloud semantic segmentation
3D building model

Conversion to CAD/BIM

Most large projects in North America require 3D BIM models in Revit (.rvt) format. Other BIM model formats are provided as requested.

Few stakeholders are trained to use complex BIM software. We provide 2D plans in PDF and AutoCAD that allow more people to interact with the digital building model.

Folio Viewer platform

Progress documentation

HELIX provides comprehensive, accurate, raw scan data, high resolution panoramic photographs and models of all visible surfaces delivered to BIM LOD300.

Real Estate Investors, Owners, Operators, Architects, Engineers, Tenants and Government authorities use this data to verify the true state of existing buildings.

All captured data are archived and can be accessed at any time for discussion, collaboration or legal support.

Folio Viewer platform

The Power of HELIX

Simple, platform-neutral 3D model sharing

The power of HELIX comes from the ability to access and share comprehensive building information from an accurate 3D digital model to CAD, PDF, and BIM without any special software or training on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

With a HELIX Digital Twin, digitized building information can be accessed by project managers, owners, investors, brokers, prospective tenants and contractors wherever they may be. When it's easy to "send the building," projects can be managed better, remote resources can be accessed efficiently, bids can be more accurate, spaces can be showcased to lease faster, and optionality can be explored quickly and efficiently.

HELIX Digital Twins make it possible to share buildings digitally to a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet to anyone with access privileges anywhere they may be.

HELIX Digital Twin users benefit by showing existing spaces to more people, demonstrating optionality faster, and getting more accurate construction cost estimates - all without site visits.

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