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Digital twins for commercial buildings

We unlock the potential of buildings.

Buildings aren't just concrete and metal–they are full of information waiting to be unlocked. HELIXRE hands you the key.

HELIXRE is a platform for architects, construction project managers and building owners to quickly create and share accurate building plans and comprehensive photo documentation.

HELIXRE reduces the cost and improves sharing of professional existing conditions documentation.


Get building plans in days...not weeks.

Buildings + data equals more than buildings alone.

At HELIXRE we use photogrammetry, computer vision, AI, and massive cloud computing power to harness data so buildings are no longer just buildings. Now there's a better way to share building plans across all team members, identify issues, answer questions, and eliminate unnecessary site visits.

We changed the definition of "fast."

Digital Twin of Building
  • Commercial buildings in the U.S.5.6 million And they all need digital twins.-CBECS, 2015

Share your buildings without hurdles of locations, time zones or access to special equipment.

Make your buildings work harder.

Send your buildings' HELIX Digital Twins to potential investors in Shanghai so they can examine them. Let that hip, new co-working company in San Francisco tour them without ever booking a flight. Let contractors measure them so they can accurately bid on your renovation plans. When your buildings become shareable, the possibilities are endless.
Building Digital Twin
  • Digital twins can unlock 25% of total infrastructure spend in the UK. £7 billionBetter data sharing will put the UK at the forefront of digital construction and smarter infrastructure that’s more cost effective, delivers better services and energy efficiency.-The Centre for Digital Built Britain’s Task Group
  • Digital twins are the foundation of the future. Competitive advantageData can change the way properties are utilized as well as the way they are valued, and effective use of geospatial data will become a source of CRE competitive advantage.-McKinsey Global Institute, 2018
  • Commercial space in the U.S.5.6 billion square feetHELIXRE is making it more profitable.-2015 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey

Explore possibilities, reduce vacancies and increase efficiencies.

Squeeze value out of every square foot.

If you’re doing things the old way, you’re leaving money on the table. It’s time to say good riddance to inefficient guesswork and say hello to lower vacancies, better planning, and more efficient maintenance.

The most innovative companies use HELIXRE to make their workplaces better.

  • Public schools will be safer when fire and police departments have their digital twins.In the U.S. alone it could take 100 years to scan them.We're not OK with that so we're making it faster.-Jamie Roche
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